Saturday, March 24, 2012

Party rockin' at Twin Towers Live 2012

In the weeks that have summed up my inevitable absence, I'm convinced (and I'm sure you are too) of the fact that I am not a cut-out promise keeper. Instead of keeping my promise to keep my blog alive come what may, this lacklustre, barren space of what my little nook in the blogsphere has become can easily be compared to a blank piece of paper, or perhaps even like re-reading the same damned thing for about a gazillion times. Boring, much. But to enclose my disregard for my responsibility, I'm defending myself and saying that my absence was simply due to the fact I was patiently waiting for something worthwhile to write about, because nothing has really inspired me or evoked my creative juices lately. Until yesterday...

I still have no idea what we did or say to deserve such luck but yesterday morning, as Dad drove me to class, he'd informed me that he had received tickets - let me rephrase that: Golden Fan Tickets - to the Twin Towers Live 2012 event. Oblivious to recent happenings, I was like, "What's gonna happen there?". After filling me in with the 411 and the lowdown on what's going to take place, all it took was for him to utter "Nicole Scherzinger would be performing" to get me psyched and exited - because when she came with the Dolls in 2006/2007, exams held me back. And to cut the story short, since we had 3 Golden Fan Tickets, Prissy, Claire and I didn't let the opportunity pass us by.

There was so much I needed to grasp because I've never been to a concert before, and it being my first, and getting it for free, was a lot to take in. So, with hearts racing and excitement getting the best of us, we made our way to KLCC. When we arrived at the space where the concert was being held, it was already mad-packed with screaming, sweaty groupies - and the show hasn't even begun yet. Anyway, when we got to the entrance for those with tickets, we were treated like VIPs. Well, at least it felt that way when we were surrounded by people as we made our way through the crowd. And the next awestruck moment was when we walked the pathway to get to the stage; it felt like walking on the red carpet and having all eyes you. It's little wonder why Golden Fan Tickets cost a bomb. As we arrived pretty early, - 2 hours before the show started - our next 'lucky' moment was when we managed to stand a few feet away from the stage. It was still not quite a satisfactory place but we were close enough to snap pictures and record videos of them. Heck, we even managed to get the attention of Reshmonu and James Baum by screaming our heads off!

The lineup for the night was pretty awesome: It started with some mixes by some DJ and Prem from And then, what the die-hard K-Pop fans have been waiting for, Girls Generation. After that, there was a Hip-hop performance by the champions of Showdown. Their performance was then followed by James Baum, accompanied by two other artists, Reshmonu, and some more house mixes. And last but not least, a mind-blowing, adrenaline-pumping performance by Nicole Scherzinger.

I shall stop ranting now and leave you with pictures to enjoy. Tee hee!

And videos: 

(more videos would be uploaded soon!)

And after everything, we managed to steal a shot with Mr. James Baum.

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