Saturday, July 12, 2014


The thought of writing again must have crossed my mind a thousand times now ever since the last time I actually reveled in the bliss of running my fingers along the keyboard and watching the screen before me be filled with whatever that was in my mind - be it past or present. Oh, how I've missed the precious times I've spent filling up this page. Those times were indeed therapeutic. I still can't believe my last post was in the year 2012. That came as a shocker, given the fact that I used to be as much of an avid writer as I was an avid reader.

Anyway, as I'm still uncertain if this post marks my comeback to the blogsphere, I shall skip the apologetic hoohah (because I always find myself apologizing after having gone MIA) and avoid being devolved to a pathetic void of nostalgia. What I will do, however, is sum up all that has happened this past two years that I've been away - whatever I can recall off the top of my head, that is. 

So in no chronological or alphabetical order whatsoever, here goes: I have...
  • Traveled to 3 different countries in the span of one month. 
  • Tagged along on an all-expense paid trip to Penang for a week. 
  • Visited Paris - and all its' wonders and even spent a few days in the suburbs. 
  • Fired a read gun (and hit the target!)
  • Watched a show at the Dewan Filharmonic Petronas - Ramli Ibrahim & The MPO.
  • Read the whole Divergent blockbuster in the span of 3 days - 4 books. 
  • Babysat my cousin, Zara, ho happens to be the coolest 11 year old I know. 
  • Re-watched the Disney movies I grew up watching- everything from The Lion King to The Little Mermaid. 
  • Hiked up a hill. 
  • Spent alone time at a little cafe to write and enjoy a cup of coffee (I don't drink coffee)
  • Cafe-hopped - 5 different cafes in a day. 
  • Ordered pancakes for dinner (First of all, I don't EVER eat pancakes and second, having it for dinner is a big no-no)
  • Had way too many cheat meals, I feel like I've committed some great sin. 
  • Stopped the pace of writing I usually keep at - obviously!
  • Tried different workouts to switch things up - HIIT, Heat Yoga, crazy-intense circuits. 
  • Worked for a Team Building event. 
  • Went out to meet people for the first time and had a good time. 
  • Did a photoshoot, all thanks to a dear friend. 
  • Fell in love with someone online, someone I haven't even met. 
  • Dated a classmate and left because I lost interest. 
  • Went out, had lots of fun in the company of good friends and came home at 6am. 
  • Had a big surprised 21st birthday, put together by my siblings.
  • Lost a few people I loved to death.
  • Picked up a few new hobbies and dropped them. 
  • Screwed up in an exam. 
  • Decided to quit being the one always initiating meetups when the other party doesn't even bother to meet me halfway. 
  • Attended my first rave - Tiesto and also went for Avicii. 
  • Worked for a rave concert. 
  • Walked around the KLCC park for 5 times because I wanted a conversation to go on. 
  • Met my dad's ex-girlfriend. 
  • Had a feud with my grandma and aunt, over a stupid misunderstanding. 
  • Attended a wedding, a funeral, birthdays and a Christening.
  • Went on an impromptu escapade to Genting just to lay under a starry sky and have Starbucks coffee. 
  • Changed my first tyre.
  • Attended a Varsity Camp. 
  • Went on a food-hunting trip with buddies to Melaka. 

I wish I had listed it all down before I decided to write this post. There's still a lot more I'm sure I haven't mentioned but this is good enough for the spontaneity I opted no? Heh. 

Perhaps the next post will be slightly more in detailed than this one and hopefully, I'll have something worth writing - something I won't hesitate to post, something that will revive this blog. 

Until next time, tata! 

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